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Cream Pimps - - Review at Fucking Mother Fucker

Cream Pimps

This is my review of Cream Pimps, located at

Description: Cream Pimps was launched in late July of 2008 and specializes in creampie pornography. is a multipass web site for the following sites: Cougars And Cream | Big Butt Cream | Black Booty Cream | Black Cream White Ass | Booty And Cream | Cuckold Cream | Teens First Cream | Transexual Cream (TRANNY)

Each site within the network has its own theme, but you can access them all with the same username and password combination once you have obtained a pass for FREE (credit card or checking account is required for age verification) at the Cream Pimps web site. As you can tell by the site names, the following types of creampie porn niches are covered by the network of sites: Cougar/MILF/housewife creampies, ebony creampies, interracial creampies, big butt creampies, anal creampies, cuckold creampies, teen creampies and even tranny creampies. So, basically, if you're into any kinds of creampies then these sites are for you.

What is a creampie? "Creampie, or internal cum shot, is a slang term in pornography to describe when a man ejaculates inside his partner's vagina or anus." In simple terms, the guy fucks the girl in either her pussy or asshole without a condom until he cums inside her and then she lets the cum drip out of her.

Update Frequency: Daily

Price: FREE

The Fucking Mother Fucker's Rating: 10/10 (It's fucking FREE!)

Samples: Please enjoy the following samples from They are here to help you decide whether or not you want to become a member. Watch the cum drip out these hot girls' battered holes!

In the first sample trailer, you get to see the beautiful blonde Alexis Texas get fucked until the guy is ready to cum inside her tight pussy. She loves feeling his throbbing cock unload inside her. This girl has a massive booty and she knows how to make it wobble, so this video is from Big Butt Cream.

The guy who fucked her had this to say: "Alexis Texas says it all. This girl is super sweet, with a heart and an ass as big as Texas. Round and firm, just like I like them! I had a hard time not blowing my load just rubbing oil on this hot chicks ass. Her smooth soft skin just rolled under my fingers as I massaged her ass, clit and tits. As soon as I entered her tight hot hole, it took all of my will power to last for a full scene. But in the end, I got to unleash a huge thick load deep inside of her dripping gash!"

Next up is an intense anal creampie video with fuckslut Brittney Stevens. If you don't know who she is, you will remember her forever after watching this. She gets a big dick rammed into her ass before this guy blows his entire load in her poopchute. Brittney is still pretty young, but she just can't get enough cum in her ass! This interracial anal creampie video is from Black Cream White Ass.

And here is what the black guy fucking her had to say: "Brittney Stevens must be color blind. Sexually the only thing she is interested in is size. White, Black, Asian, Mexican... she doesn't care as long as it's big enough to stretch her tight pink rosebud, or bottom out against the back walls of her cervix. This bitch likes it big and rough, so I slammed my big black cock deep into her gaping asshole and pounded her until I dropped my weeks worth of cum deep inside her rectum!"

Monica Mayhem is your typical horny housewife desperate for some cock in her life. Her husband wasn't fucking her enough, so she decided to find someone else to plow into her cougar pussy and fill it up with hot man seed. This MILF creampie video is courtesy of Cougars And Cream.

The guy who banged Monica had this to say: "Monica is an Australian Cougar visiting us from the Outback. We're glad she stopped by because she showed us a great new game that they play over down-under. She calls it 'Paint My Taint' and it's pretty simple. She holds her sexy long legs out of the way, and lets you cum deep inside of her hot tight pussy. She then pushes out the creampie so that it drips down her taint where you then rub it around with the head of your cock!"

Last, but definitely not least, is one of the hottest teens around, Natasha Nice. She has amazing natural jugs and just loves to get fucked hard. She also doesn't care if you cum in her, in fact she prefers it. She loves a nice big load in her tight teen pussy, so it drips out as you pull your dick out of her. If you aren't in love after this video, you're a fucking faggot. Natasha's full teen creampie video can be found at Teens First Cream.

The lucky asshole who got to fuck her said this: "I invited my fine ass hot class partner over to finish up our project but she had a little something else in mind. She went straight for my jock and gave it a good suck. My favorite thing to do is make these bitches lean over and hit them from behind. This slut wanted more than that so I gave it to her until I let me sweet juices flow inside her."

Cream Pimps